The Problem And Solution

The AEC business is undergoing extraordinary transformation. Global demand for construction and infrastructure services has increased, resulting in considerable growth and new prospects. At the same time, the global market is facing unprecedented levels of economic and political instability. Project plans are being hampered by supply chain bottlenecks, labour and resource shortages, changing regulatory requirements, and rising prices. With shifting market circumstances and escalating business difficulties, AEC leadership is critical in managing these issues while guaranteeing long-term success. The embracing of Digital Transformation technologies like BIM has resulted in a paradigm change in the architectural, engineering, construction businesses, altering how construction activities are planned, designed, built, and managed. These solutions help save money, time, and simplify construction procedures, propelling the building information modelling software industry. Furthermore, businesses are attempting to create a common BIM model that can be used to combine various types of modelling technologies. Furthermore, government regulations in several nations encourage the use of BIM software in critical international markets. Similarly, BIM improves project performance and productivity through its many components. At Canntech, we have integrated the BIM technique (Building Information Modeling) and virtual reality experiences into our design processes in order to provide a high-quality service to our customers and partners.




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